Load Kit Instructions
Shotgun Load Kits are another of our products. Shown to the right is a sample of the components included with our Load Kits along with a complete set of instructions. Shotgun calibers include 32 Gauge up to 4 Bore.   (We do not supply any reloading data.) Prices subject to change without prior notice. We require a MINIMUM order of one box. ~~~ *NO SAMPLE CASE ORDERS* Major Credit Cards & Money Orders Accepted Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC Brass for Shotguns & Obsolete / Antique Firearms
Delivery time is currently running approximately 2 to 3 months. We produce a variety of sizes of cartridges ranging from .22 CF to .700 Nitro Express, .410 Bore to 4 Bore shotgun / rifle brass. Custom brass made to fit your chamber. A sample of our shotgun shells is pictured at right. Shotgun primers are normally drilled for 209 primers. All are precision lathe-turned. Our brass cases are turned out ONE AT A TIME from a CNC Lathe for a precision product. Each case is measured for an accurate dimension required for all firearm   components. We begin with a 12 length rod of solid brass stock conforming to the  tightest manufacturing tolerances. Cartridge Price List Shot Shell & Load Kit List Home Products Forms Inventory Page 1 Inventory Page 2 Gallery Equipment Contact
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Our brass is NOT designed for Wildcat loads and we do NOT make brass cases that will be used with Wildcat loads! Products