Tom Outland Has been a gun enthusiast for years and has acquired a special devotion to black powder firearms in the past few years. Being a second-generation Washakie County, Wyoming native has enhanced this advocacy. This desire to use and learn more about shooting Black Powder led him to pursue this “RETIREMENT HOBBY” following his official job retirement from USPS. Cheri Outland Is also becoming a gun enthusiast with the help of Tom and their son, Kody. She is a third-generation Rawlins, Wyoming native and loves this wild and free state.  She has several degrees in computer science and is reveling in being able to use her skills in numerous ways. She is also a very competent bookkeeper and does all the accounting work involved with this business.

Kody Outland

Is a veteran from the US Marine Corps having served four years from 2007 - 2011. He is a very significant component in the business as he is the main operator of the CNC Lathe used to turn out the brass cases. His expertise in firearms is a great benefit. Visit with Kody about your firearm concerns & questions.    
Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC Brass for Shotguns & Obsolete / Antique Firearms
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