Prices subject to change without prior notice. Cerrosafe  Cerrosafe Chamber Cast Instructions Cerrosafe Shipping & Handling Charges: Depends upon quantity of order & destination. STARTING at $12 within USA.  We ship USPS Priority Mail. (Ask us about price when ordering.) * International Customers Notice * INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please Read our Notice for Export Information  * International Customers Notice * Major Credit Cards & Money Orders Accepted Rocky Mountain Cartridge LLC Brass for Shotguns & Obsolete / Antique Firearms If your gun has special chambering needs, we need a chamber cast  or the dimensions AT THE TIME OF YOUR ORDER. Otherwise we  will use the specs from Cartridges of The World or any other material that is available.  FAILURE TO SUPPLY US WITH SPECIFIC DIMENSIONS CANNOT   GUARANTEE FIT OF YOUR CASES - ANY ORDERS RETURNED FOR REMANUFACTURING WILL BE RECHARGED. A 15% Re-Stocking fee will be applied to orders returned.  Use these forms to record your dimensions and send with your order form. Cartridge Dimensions Cartridge Dimensions
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Our brass is NOT designed for Wildcat loads and we do NOT make brass cases that will be used with Wildcat loads! Forms